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Again, I went against my word (not that many people read this, but the point is I’m letting myself down). I said right here, in black & white, I would try and upload more than once a week. I haven’t even done that. Since beginning a-levels everything has been very hectic and I’ve been all over the place and just haven’t had time to post on Lookbook let alone this blog. But hopefully, soon, I will try and post twice a week.

Well anyway, sixth form I’ve been really enjoying. I’m taking Biology, Chemistry, English Language & Literature and Psychology. I haven’t found the work challenging up to now and I love my subjects so everyday is great. I even love coming home and doing more work in the subjects I love. The only possible downside is that obviously everything is new and it’s hard getting to used to all the changes, plus it was something I had such high expectations for in terms of new friendships and it hasn’t completely lived up for it, but hopefully, I’m on a rollercoaster that only  goes up. I mean, in an idealistic world I’d like to never feel lonely or shit but does that exist?

Anyway, on to the outfit.


 I’m wearing a daisystreet playsuit, and I’m absolutely in love with. Being a small girl of 5 ft it’s hard finding dresses and playsuits that fit well, and this was somewhat of an exception. I mean, I still I had to adjust it slightly but that’s just because being small, I like to wear things short. It was also only £12, so obviously I had to have it. I’d seen a similar one for £18 and I had planned to buy it after a while (I’d just purchased something) but the following week, when I saw this one for £12, I just couldn’t say no to myself. It’s just so nice and versatile and much more colourful than most things in my closet. It’s just an all season item. You can wear it in winter with tights & a jumper and in Summer, like this. This is another Summer post. From Summer. It’s cold in England now. The shoes I’m wearing are just white shoes from Primark, £8. I wore these all Summer because they just added such a nice preppy look to all my outfits.

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work ethic

I feel like I’ve been neglecting this blog for a while (like I eventually neglect all my blogs) aside from my weekly outfit posts, and I really don’t want to do that. I even have ideas to write about, I just seem to be lacking the work ethic, which is why this seemed like a suitable outfit to post. I want to say that from now on, I am a changed women, I will gain the work ethic and post on a regular basis! But that’s not true. Besides, I’m starting sixth form on Tuesday and I don’t know what the work load is going to be like, so I don’t know how much free time I’ll have. But I will try and post at least twice a week on this blog from now on.


I wore this lovely outfit to my Primark interview. Not a low, before you ask. The real low is not being hired by Primark. Well, anyway, ignoring my job search (which I have abandoned) I love this outfit for interviews because it’s smart, like you should be for an interview, but still shows off my individual style, which I think all retail stores should be looking for. The blazer I’m wearing is vintage and pre-owned by my mum, so I can’t tell you much detail about it. The black velvet dress has previously featured on this blog and is the cut out one from daisystreet.com. The shoes are a new purchase and an absolute favourite. T-bar and flatforms are two of my favourite type of shoes, so these are the perfect combination. These are from asos and were £25.

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During summer, I like to put together a few outfits and wear them on several occasions. It’s one of the few things I like about summer, that you can do that (because I don’t see the same people everyday) because I don’t think my love for an outfit can really be fulfilled in just one wear. Anyway, I love this outfit. I’ve been edging on much more of a preppy style recently, and this is just the epitome of it. I find it to be very cheerleader-esque. 



The top is actually a lace playsuit, (which you will see properly in an upcoming look) and is just the love of my life right now. That’s the great thing about playsuits and dresses, they can be worn on their own, or as tops, or as bottoms. This lovely one is from daisystreet.com and cost £20. The knitted skirt is one I usually find impossible to style, but it goes perfectly with this. I picked it up from Pull & Bear in the sale for £10, original price being £25. The shoes are again from Primark, £8, and have been my essential this summer.

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roll up

This is a look I’ve been excited to post for absolutely ages now. Personally, I never really like any of my pictures and because of my not so great camera, I don’t think the clothes are ever really done justice. You’ll have to take my word for it. Anyway, recently I’ve felt my style slightly change, as before I preferred a more earthy, boho style, I think now I’ve been going for a much more preppy style. 


This is the kind of outfit I would personally wear to a funfair or festival of sorts, and although I know it’s not the typical kind of outfit people wear to such places, I just think it would look lovely. The top is a  black collared shirt with spaceships on from Primark, about £5, and it’s something I haven’t worn in a very long time so I’ve tried to re-work it into my closet. The skirt is a personal favourite and one that just goes with absolutely everything, however it’s been with me for so long I can’t even remember where I got it from. The white shoes just add that lovely pinch of prep and I think are an absolute essential for summer, and they were £8 from Primark. The bag is my favourite bag in the world, as denim bags are my weakness and the acid wash touch makes it all the more lovely, and it’s around £40 from topshop. This summer I’ve also really been enjoying having my hair in a high pony with a scrunchie, and I think it just really suits the kind of outfits I’ve been wearing.


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One thing I’m always internally battling is cheap clothes versus expensive clothes, especially when it comes to designer clothing. When it comes to cheap clothing, such as Primark, you really have to question your morals. We all shop at Primark, let’s not lie, but we also all know that they do use sweatshop workers, and they aren’t about to stop any day soon. Does that make us bad people? Yes. Let’s not justify it. We care more about getting cheap clothes than real human lives, suffering. We have plenty of ways to justify ourselves – some people in the UK can only really afford Primark clothes, yes of course, but you aren’t one of them. Boycotting Primark is pointless, people are always going to shop there. Not the point. It is bad of us, but we do it. But buying expensive clothes is also ethically questionable. All that money we’re spending on our clothes, we could be donating to charity. It seems cruel, that we can spend £300 on a dress but some people don’t have water to drink. But we do it. And our justification is, we can’t change anything. We can, but you know, say what you want to make yourself feel less guilty. We might as well admit it. But we like buying expensive clothes, because they’re good quality and they’ll last us longer, and we like spending a lot of money on clothes. We like it because we like the fact that we can. It makes us feel posh and rich and cool. And who doesn’t want to feel like that? But it seems a bit silly that we need materialistic things to live ourselves. I think it’s also because of fashion bloggers, who always have expensive clothing, and YouTubers, who are always doing those hauls. Yes, of course those fashion bloggers get most of those clothes for free, but they still buy a lot of expensive clothing, and in great quantities. They justify spending absurd amounts of money because they can. Because it’s their job. I mean, fair enough. Perhaps I would do the same. But you can’t really justify something like that. People can do what they want, they can buy ridiculously cheap clothes, they can buy absurdly over-priced clothes, that’s fine. Each to their own. But don’t justify it. I guess maybe those of us who are much to bothered about ethical values should settle for reasonable high street priced clothing. H&M. H&M is for us.

blue on blue

I really had planned on updating this blog more than once a week, but I’ve just been fresh out of ideas this week. It’s not that I don’t have ideas, on the contrary, I always have ideas, I’ve just been struggling to come up with any fashion related ideas. However, I have 2-3 now, so next week I’ll be updating a little bit more. I don’t want to just post about the clothes I wear, because I think there is more to discuss when it comes to fashion and style, and personally, I love to give my opinion. I will of course listen and respect to your opinion, but that doesn’t stop me being extremely opinionated. Anyway, onto the look.


Do excuse how I look horrendous in every single on of these pictures. I have a natural ability, a knack in being ridiculously unphotogenic. It’s a gift. Anyway, this is an outfit I wore to my baby sisters 2nd Hello Kitty themed party. I had a whale of time, no sarcasm, honestly. However, it was a hot day and I was very layered, since I choose to dress for my mood instead of the weather, rather stupidly. Three layers. I was wearing this lovely denim dress from H&M, a great purchase because I think something as simple as a plain denim dress is an essential, as there’s just so many ways you can wear it in. Over that, I was wearing a denim and chiffon shirt, purely for the collars. Collars are my weakness, along with many others. And on top of that, I’m wearing a blue jumper from H&M. What I love about H&M is how simple and plain the clothes are, because they’re great to work with. I personally prefer to buy simple, plain clothes because then you can layer them and pair them with lots of different stuff, compared to a stupid patterned shirt which only works in 1 or 2 ways. Not worth the money. Anyway, I really liked this outfit, I just thought it was simple but cute. I opt for cute. Toddler dressing is my thing.

In case you’re interested, I’ve been spending my summer volunteering a bit. I’ve been working at a charity shop, British Heart Foundation, and I spent last weekend doing bucket collections for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. Absolutely, mind-numbingly boring, standing for 4 hours holding a bucket that is. But it’s something to do, and it’s a good thing to do. Again, I opted to dress for the mood rather than the weather (I’ll be showing you the outfit soon, I love it!) and I was freezing.

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This is yet another look I haven’t yet had the opportunity to wear, as I seem to be housebound this summer. I’ll tell you, it’s an awful bore, and my standards for company are deteriorating quickly. It’s not that I don’t have time to go out, or that I don’t want to go out – I just have no one to go with. Does anyone else have this problem? Well, I’m having a shit summer. At least I have the internet.



The shirt I’m wearing is a lace collared one from Forever 21, and it’s see-through so I’ve had to wear a shirt underneath. It’s so lovely, and my favourite thing about it is the lace collar, because I can wear it under jumpers in winter and the collar will just look so lovely! The skort is from Pop Boutique which I got on sale for £5, and I just think it’s great for summer because it’s so light and breezy, and personally I’m not a fan of tight shorts because I have no interest in flaunting my butt cheeks. The boots are from Peacocks, and although I love them, they are an absolute pain with the laces, they always come undone, so as you can see in this shot, I gave up caring.

I hope you’re all having a better summer than I am. Personally I’m excited for school to start, as I’m going to be starting a-levels, which is going to be terrifying and exciting, and hopefully making some friends who will actually want to leave the house and do something with me! Fingers crossed for that.

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am I superficial?

If you haven’t guessed from this blog, I really like clothes. I love buying clothes and I love putting together outfits and I really love how nice being dressed up makes me feel. I don’t dress for anyone, I dress for myself. I like feeling dressed up and knowing I look nice. I love looking at how other people dress, because although that’s not my personal style and I would never, ever wear anything like that, I think its interesting to see how other people dress and I can appreciate good art, because that’s what I believe fashion is. So why does that mean I’m superficial? How does that have anything to do with my intellectual level? I’m not superficial. Being superficial means you are only concerned with what is obvious, shallow, only care about looks, etc. Just because you like clothes, doesn’t mean you’re superficial. I don’t judge people on their clothes or looks, and I can assure you that most of the girls you have deemed superficial because they dress well, they aren’t like that. The only judgmental and superficial person here is you. Yes, I do notice what girls (and boys) wear, but never in a negative way, I just usually admire. You know what, I really wish I could just go up to strangers in the street and tell them how lovely I think they look and how much I love their outfit. I really wish I had the confidence to do that, because that’s what I think when I look at people clothes, not anything mean or unkind or snotty. I don’t judge people by their looks, because that’s not something I care about in the least bit. The only looks I care about is my own, and okay, maybe nice looking boys. There’s nothing shallow about joking with your friends about nice looking boys, because those aren’t the boys you want to be in relationships with. You form relationships, both romantic and platonic, with people who you get along with. That applies to everyone. Nobody is as superficial or shallow as how you have labelled them. Just like how an interest in fashion has nothing to do with intellect, whatsoever. I want to be a doctor. I’m not stupid at all. I love studying, I really do. It’s a bit sad maybe, but I feel like I’m in my element when I’m studying for exams. I love learning, I really do. But I also loves clothes and make-up. I like to shop, and spend obscene amounts of time getting ready. There’s nothing wrong with that. I think the only people who are shallow, superficial and stupid are those who make these assumptions. Fashion is more than just to do with appearances. Fashion is art just as much are literature and paintings are. Fashion is creating something using your imagination  Maybe you need to stop jumping to conclusions about other people and appreciate.

the race of races

When I first started on lookbook (and it hasn’t been that long since) it came as a huge shock to me that not everybody on lookbook is popular, and not everyone gets lots of hypes. I was a beginner, of course I didn’t know this. When I posted my first ever look, I didn’t get any hypes. It was a bit of a blow to the pride, I have to admit. So I did what any other person in my position would’ve done; I googled it. I googled tips on success on lookbook. In return, instead of getting actually useful advice, all I came across was mean-spirited and bitter articles. A phrase they used was PYWT – Pretty Young White Thing – the only way to be popular on lookbook. They said next up was east Asian females, then maybe, if you’re lucky, Indian and etc descent, then lastly, black women. The article talked about how a friend of hers, who was black, has received no hypes on lookbook and she thought it was ridiculous and lookbook was obviously unfair and etc etc etc. I’m sure you’ve heard it all before. After reading it, it really disheartened me as it had me convinced that being noticed on lookbook was not going to happen for me. Now that I’ve gotten a bit more used to lookbook and learnt the ropes, I have to say, I think its a load of bullshit. Yes, okay, on the hot page you will see mostly what the article referred to as PYWT. But that doesn’t mean that popularity on lookbook depends on race or good looks. You can’t just post your first few looks and expect the fans to flock in. You have to put yourself out there. You have to spend hours, online, commenting and hyping and actually showing an interest in someone other than yourself. Lookbook is a fashion community, and people on there will hype and comment on your clothes, not your race or your beauty. Beauty is a ridiculous thing all on its own. There is no standard definition of beauty, so it is utterly stupid to say only the good-looking succeed on lookbook, because everyone is good-looking to someone. There’s no such thing as ugly, because what might be beautiful to you is ugly to someone else, and what is ugly to you maybe beautiful to someone else. So, in conclusion, what I’m trying to say is don’t be put off fashion blogging or lookbook or YouTube or whatever it is you’re interested in because you are of an ethnic minority, because these career/hobby choices are particularly popular in the UK and USA, white dominated places. It’s not because people of your race can’t succeed, maybe its just something that not many have tried or been interested in. Why don’t we stop making everything about race. I can tell you, I’m sick of it. My race doesn’t mean shit, all it is is the colour of my skin. That’s all it is. Don’t make it more. 


It’s absolutely boiling right now in the UK. It was over 30 degrees on Friday, and the worst part is, nobody in the UK has air conditioning, so we’re all dying right now. It doesn’t help that my room is on the attic floor with low ceilings, so I feel like I’m on fire. I have to keep a mini van on my desk next to me to prevent melting. We’re definitely not used to heat, of any kind. I prefer standard, shit english weather, if I’m honest. Well, at least it’s nice for clothes! 


This dress has been in my closet for over a year now and this is only the second time I’ve worn it. I definitely don’t appreciate my clothes enough, I just keep buying more then whining about how I don’t have any. I bought this dress at Daisy Street at a reduced price of £17 (because there was a tiny rip at the top) for my birthday last year, a supposed mad hatter’s tea party. I thought it’s a really lovely tea type dress, as it’s dressed up but still quite casual. Basically just the perfect daytime casual dress, which I definitely don’t have enough of. The shoes are lovely but painful which I bought for my prom, and I thought they just add such a nice warm tone to the outfit, as brown suede does. 

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